I’ve built custom furniture and cabinetry for 25 years.  I served my apprenticeship in shops specializing in architectural millwork.  In those years I worked under journeyman cabinetmakers, who taught me the fundamental skills involved in building custom furniture and cabinetry, to the specifications of professional architects.  I learned the importance of treating wood with respect, and I learned the specialized techniques involved in creating unique and complicated furniture and cabinets: problem-solving, laying out a project, designing and building the custom jigs and setups required for specific woodworking tasks.  These are the unseen procedures behind any piece of furniture, and it is what I love best.  I love handling wood, admiring its unique colors and grain patterns; but most satisfying for me is to work with the wood, steward to its transformation from a raw material into a finished, custom piece of furniture.

Now my shop is in a heifer barn we’ve converted into the shop where I do my work, next to my wife's pottery studio, Milkhouse  Pottery.  We live in a community in which most houses are converted from the barns and out-buildings of an old dairy farm.  Our home is the converted milkhouse.  Across the lane, our neighbors' house was the bull-pen.  Drains and cisterns dot the property, and vestiges of a dairy farm turn up whenever we do work on the house, plant trees, or work in the garden.